The Tale of You and Me~Merlin/Arthur fanmix {The Wait}
{Listen Here}
♛My love ~Sia
You came thoughtfully,Loved me faithfullyYou taught me honor,You did it for meToday you will sleep awayYou will wait for me, my love
♛Many Roads~Trevor Hall
There’s many roads and many paths that lead to youSome say their false but I believe all of them are trueAll of them are trueThe green earth and the sky blueYeah baby, baby I’m a foolA fool without you
♛Fall at your feet~Boy and Bear
You’re hiding from me nowThere’s something in the way that you’re talking The words don’t sound right But I hear them all moving inside you, go 
I’ll be waiting when you call 
♛Islands-Young the Giant
Feel the tide low where you cast those stones you wearWhen no one’s home, do they feel cold on your bonesAll the years I’ve missed your warmth,Have you missed my warmth?On your island.
♛All I want~Kodaline
All I want is nothing moreto hear you knocking at my door‘cause if I could see your face once moreI could die as a happy man I’m sureWhen you said your last goodbyeI died a little bit inside
♛Dents-The Acorn
I can see your years in my reflectiondancing cracks embedded in my skinmaywood in bloom in fireworks and furyfor all the times I didn’t let you inlet me be the one you’re running toone by one the seasons change youmaybe once but not for alltime can’t paint the picture for youdying leaves need time to fall
♛All of Me~Angus and Julia Stone
Is there a remedy for waitingFor loves victorious returnIs there a remedy for hatingEvery second that I’m without youAll this life is all for loveIt’s the only road I’ll chooseAnd every street and avenueOnly one will lead me back to you
♛Reasons to Sing~All Sons and Daughters
When I’m overcome by fearAnd I hate everything I knowIf this waiting lasts foreverI’m afraid I might let go
♛In the Mourning~Paramore
The biggest part of meYou were the greatest thing And now you’re just a memory to let go ofIn the mourning, I’ll riseIn the mourning, I’ll let you die
♛How~Regina Spektor
I guess you know by nowThat we will meet again somehowTime can come and take away the painBut I just want my memories to remainTo hear your voiceTo see your faceThere’s not one moment I’d erase
+Paper Knees~The Careful Ones {Arthur’s return}
I’m aloneTill I hear you, I hear you, I hear youComing home
+Between us~Peter Bradley Adams {Reincarnation}
Hey stranger or may I call you my ownI know I don’t know you, but there’s somewhere I’ve seen you beforeWhatever your name is, whatever you doThere’s nothing between us I’m willing to lose
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